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Welcome at Monk

You can book a slot now in Toplogger. If you already have an account, you can choose a timeslot under ‘Reservations’. You can book up to 10 days in advance, and only for yourself. This is due to the personal health check. Don’t forget to cancel your booking if you can’t make it. There will always be someone else happy to fill the slot.

You can have two active bookings (trainings do not count toward a booking). But if a timeslot is still available two hours before it starts, you can book it even if you already have two other active booking. So, keep an eye on Toplogger if you fancy a last-minute bouldering session. 

We hope to see you again soon!

Kind regards,

Team Monk


Bouldering at Monk

Monk is the first boulder gym in the Netherlands, with locations in Eindhoven, Amsterdam (North and the club), and Rotterdam. Bouldering in a gym means climbing walls with a height of up to 4 meters. Without a rope above thick mats to catch your fall. You use your flexibility, strength, and balance to resolve problems. There are over 200 climbing routes, called ‘boulders’, in our gym, which we regularly replace to make sure you always have a challenging session.

First timer?

Bouldering is fun and easy to get started with (and slightly addictive). There are no prerequisites to get started. Every week you can join our Boulder Basics introduction to the sport (participation is free once you pay the entrance fee). No rope, no partner, and no harness required. During your first visit, we give you safety instructions and explain the house rules.

What do you need?

Bring clothes that allow you to move freely. You will also need a pair of climbing shoes (sneakers are not allowed on the walls). Rental shoes are available at the reception. Monk has dressing rooms, showers, and lockers for you to use.

Bouldering for kids

Kids from the age of 6 and older are welcome to boulder at Monk. Children younger than 12 must be supervised by one adult person per two children.  Children from the age of 12 and older may boulder without supervision. 

Curious if bouldering is the sport for you? Join one of our try-out lessons for youths. Register in advance (obligatory) to join:

Sign up for a tryout in Eindhoven
Sign up for a tryout in Amsterdam-North
Sign up for a tryout in Rotterdam

You can’t sign up for a tryout at the club. The boulders in this gym start at the intermediate level.

Monk Rules & Regulations

In order to ensure that everyone enjoys their visit to Monk bouldergym, we have compiled a set of house rules, listed below for your safety and comfort. Any violation of these rules can lead to expulsion and/or cancellation of membership, without reimbursement of admission or membership fees.

  • Sign in when you arrive, sign out when you leave
  •  Ensure you are familiar with our Terms and Conditions
  • Boulder safely and responsibly: follow our Bouldering house rules
  • Use the designated changing rooms
  • Always comply with instructions given by our staff members
  • No glass or crockery outside the bar area
  • Only food and drink purchased on the premises may be consumed here. Only sealable drinking bottles are permitted
  • Smoking is not permitted
  • No pets allowed

Bouldering house rules

  • Check your age:
    Bouldering not permitted 0 – 6
    Only under supervision (18+) 6 – 12
    Independent bouldering permitted 12+
  • Boulder safely and responsibly
  • Sitting, lying or playing on the mats is not permitted
  • Keep a safe distance (1.50m) from other climbers on the wall
  • Climbing or standing on top of the walls is not permitted
  • Don’t wear jewelery
  • Do not drink alcohol before or during climbing
  • Keep it clean and tidy
  • No chalk bags on the mats or tied round your waist. Use chalk in moderation!
  • Climbing shoes are required on the wall
  • It is obligatory to wear socks with rental shoes
  • Climbing with a bare torso is not permitted

Your understanding and cooperation is much appreciated.

Have fun climbing at Monk!

Practical information

Check our opening hours here. Please register in advance of your visit to save time at the reception.

Do you want to boulder at a quiet time? On above pages, you’ll also find our peak hours.

Admission fees

 normaal< 25 years< 18 years
Single visit€ 11,00€ 10€ 8,50
Rental shoes€ 4
Multi-visit pass (10X)€ 99€ 90€ 76,50
Month pass*€ 73€ 68
3 Month pass*€ 175€ 161
* purchase is non-refundable

Monk membership prices

With a Monk membership, you get unlimited bouldering for a fixed monthly fee. Additionally, there’s a 10% discount on all shop purchases (online also).
Our membership prices:

  • standard membership € 47,50 per month
  • under 25 € 43,50 per month
  • under 18 € 40,50 (including training) per month
  • youth 6 and 7 € 32 (including training) per month

Family discount 20% (only valid for youth members).

Membership conditions

  • One-off registration fee of € 17,50 applies
  • Payment is only possible by direct debit
  • Minimum duration of membership: month of registration + 3 months
  • Term of notice is 30 days
  • Monk is closed for 7 days per year (maximum)


Additonal information

  • The minimum age for bouldering at Monk is 6 years
  • You pay your entrance fee per visit, regardless of the duration thereof
  • A multi-visit pass gives you a 10% discount on 10 bouldering visits
  • A month, 3 month or membership pass allows you to visit as often as you like
  • Your multi-visit, month or membership pass is valid at all Monk locations (Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Eindhoven)